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Website Update:  3.10.2023

New productes coming soon!  My website is being updated with a new look and new designs.  


"If I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't sell it."


In 2017, I began experimenting with epoxy resin but wanted to make sure I could use an environmentally safe material. Over time, I learned how to work the material and created my first set of jewelry pieces.  Soon, I realized that my esthetic was more Mid Century Mod which I love since I was born in the 60's.

With lots of trial and error, my designs improved and I began to build my stock over the next few years. 

When I introduced my new craft to friends and coworkers, the responses were pleasantly surprising!  

"Off The Mussel" Crafts is the business name I chose because it follows my journey in crafting, inspired by my mom. It's also a play off the 90's term "Off The Chain" which means extremely good.

All of my earrings are handmade, using environmentally safe epoxy resin. Each piece may have a slight variation in design or color; which is what makes them unique. No mass production here!  

I know a pair of earrings may not seem all that important in a woman's wardrobe but if you think about it, a unique pair of color coordinated earrings accentuates it.  My fashion pieces are lightweight, chic, and fun!

They are assembled using stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel posts, hooks, clasps, chains, and connectors. I focus on quality in all my pieces. "If I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't sell it......"

Check out my boutique and visit often. I'm always creating! Please feel free to contact me for suggestions, special requests, and comments.

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